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Kurzgesagt – German for „In a nutshell“ is a Munich-based YouTube channel and animation studio with a unique perspective on design, color, and storytelling. We engage in information design projects of all kind, but are best known for our distinctive animation videos. We want our work to raise awareness for topics from the fields of science, space, technology, biology, history and philosophy. Our goal is to inspire people to learn – and we believe humor and a good story to tell are just as important as straight facts.


Our in-house team consists of researchers, writers, designers, animators and producers. On top of that we collaborate with a wide network of experts, journalists, voice actors and sound designers.

Philipp Dettmer
Founder & Head Writer

Philip Laibacher
Chief Creative Officer

Peter Berger
Chief Executive Officer

Barbara Breitegger
Head of People & Organisation

Celina Moreno Buss
People & Organisation Generalist

Renan Barros
Head of Illustration

Miri Lee

Martin Wackerbauer
Art Director

Michelle Buhrmann
Art Director

Manuel Kilger
Art Director

Martina Schaff
Art Director

Daniela Leonhardt

Matthias Mödl

Daniele Vacon Sartirani

Samuel Cadera

Marie Niemann

Deborah Engbrocks

Hyeji Yu

Viviane Vollack

Madita Muschket

Yvonne Simon
Trainee Illustrator

Jessica Gößmann
Working Student Illustration

Cathi Ziegler
Head of Product Design

Bella Wolf
Head of Product Operations

Izzi Smith

Luis Moreno
Senior E-Commerce Operations & Fulfillment Manager

Lara Rudolf
Print Illustrator

Raphaela Raudaschl
Print Illustrator

Martin Schuchardt

Viktoria Lubomski

Elina Nousia
Print Producer

Nadja Schoberberger
Print Producer

Lisa Donik
Print Illustrator

Johanna Kanzler

Stefanie Bunkowski
Working Student Design

Travis Ramsdale
Head of Animation

Lukas Westner
Motion Designer

Katrin Jucker
Motion Designer

Padraic Rapp
Motion Designer

Yves Paradis
Motion Designer

Solange Carvalho
Motion Designer

Arnold Stieg
Motion Designer

Moritz Schuchmann
Motion Designer

Ana Fernandez
Motion Designer

Yeliz Motro
Motion Designer

Tamta Bakhsoliani
Motion Designer

Robin Hemmersbach
Motion Designer

Salma Ben Attia
Motion Designer

Alexander Ardalic
Motion Design

Lizzy Steib
Head of Text & Research

Ernesto Lozano
Senior Fact-Checker

Tugce Yildizoglu

Carsten Müller

Malik Klalib
Researcher & Scriptwriter

Matthew Perkins
Social Media Editor

Marius Scheld
Social Media Editor

Lucas Kreuzer

Rosa Schneider
Social Media Director

Sven Rosandic
Junior Social Media Manager

Kimberly Sommer
Working Student Social Media

Marc Zwiechowski
Head of Production

Sandra Semmler

Mirijam Mißbichler

Denise Westerbarkey

Monika Pichlmayer

Tina Jakob

Elisabeth Steller, LL.M. (Auckland)
Legal Counsel

Ulrike Kremer
Legal Counsel

Tobias Dölken
Head of Finance and Controlling

Mathias Leuschner
Business Process Manager

Sebastian Peukert

Gideon Schafroth
Working Student IT

Christina Veith
Chief of Money

Petra Leutner-Wittmann
HR Assistant & Office Management

Chief Cuddle Executive


Steve Taylor
Voice Actor, Journalist

Thomas Veith
Sound Designer

Fabian Glaser
Sound Designer

Stephan Rether
Motion Designer

Felina Markewitsch
Bird Counselor

Matt Caplan, Ph.D.
Astrophysicist & Writer

Petra Kraus

Anne Flückiger
Text & Translation

Andrew Shi
Fan Community Manager

Jae-Hyun Jo
Fan Community Manager

Siddharth Narayanan
Fan Community Manager

Lucas Meyer
Fan Community Manager


  • Can I translate your videos into another language or dub them?

    Unfortunately, no. We are thinking about providing our content in many different languages. Given the quantity of videos and amount of languages, this is a long process. But we already have partners for this.
  • Can I reupload your videos on my website?

    No, you can not. You may, however, use the embedded youtube link which refers to our channel on your website/facebookpage, Our videos always have to be credited with „courtesy of"
  • I have seen someone stealing your content – what can I do?

    We are taking every violation of copyright very seriously. If you have found some videos that have been stolen from us, we appreciate it very much if you send us the link to Sometimes, however, those „thieves“ are using the embedded youtube link on their page, though it doesn’t appear like an embedded link – that is totally fine
  • Can I upload your videos to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

    No, you can not. You may, however, use the embedded youtube link which refers to our channel. Our videos always have to be credited with „courtesy of"
  • How can I provide subtitles for you YouTube channel?

    Unfortunately YouTube community contributions have been discontinued. If you want to send us subtitles please send them to and we will add them in a matter of days. Please check to see which subtitle formats are supported. Thanks so much for the support!
  • Can I use your videos for my school project/event?

    Yes, you can! But you have to follow these rules: You have to stream it via Youtube. Do NOT download it and play it offline. Our videos always have to be credited with „courtesy of"
  • Where can I find the sources to your videos?

    If you want to find out more about our topics, we try to provide detailed sources and further reading suggestions for as many videos as possible. You can usually find them in the infobox of the video. If no sources are listed this might be due to internal reasons (e.g. we used input material from scientists that is not available online)
  • I love the music you are using in your videos – where can I get it?

    You can get all kurzgesagt soundtracks on Everything is produced by „Epic Mountain Music“. Visit their website or check them out on Soundcloud and give them some love!
  • I have issues with an order from your shop - what can I do?

    Please get in contact with our customer service via