Nuke a City

What really happens when a nuclear weapon hits a city, play by play, minute by minute – and how would you get help? We partnered with the International Committee of the Red Cross for an information video that hopes to be unnecessary forever.


The nuclear threat is real

Since the end of the cold war many people believe the threat of nuclear warfare is declining, but with new tensions between super powers this threat is as real as ever. To make this danger tangible, the ICRC reached out to us.


Showing the unimaginable

Nuclear attacks are brutal and incredibly gorey. How do you show in detail what is so hard to wrap your head around – yet get people to watch until the end to get your message across? The delicate balance between delivering info and telling a visually appealing story without sugarcoating anything was the big challenge of this video.


Banning nuclear weapons

In the end, every horrible detail is necessary to emphasize the stance we are taking alongside ICRC here: there is no justification for a weapon that can bring calamity to millions based on an individual decision. Nuclear weapons have to be banned.

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