The Last Human on Earth

The future of humanity seems insecure. But humans always thought they lived in the end times. This is a problem because it leads to short term thinking and prevents us from creating the best world for ourselves and our descendants. What makes this worse is that we actually may live at an extremely critical moment in human history.


Problems of the far future

This video was sponsored by Open Philanthropy, because we share an interest in what the far future of humanity might look like and what problems and solutions humans can achieve by working together.


A longterm view

We tried to peak into the far future and see what possibilities it holds: Will we humans stay on our home planet? Will we colonize the galaxy – or even the entire solar system? And how do our decisions today impact all these potential outcomes?


Optimism as antidote

The vision we have for humanity is about a long-lasting, positive future – the crucial point is for people not to lose hope along the way. Whatever positive outlook for the future humanity is going to aspire to – the most important thing is to believe in it first.

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